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How to Become a Great Agile Leader?

If remote work starts to be the new normal, most organizations are expected to embrace Agile methodology. This change demands leaders to improve their skills to enable team self-organization. Leading remote Agile teams can be tricky. In this article at Forbes, Luciana Paulise shares some best practices that will help leaders become more agile.

How to Help Your Remote Team Thrive?

Establish a Collective Vision

As a leader, you must ensure that your team fully understands what business aims to achieve and its importance. If the vision is consistent and coherent, this will help you in aligning the goals across the agile teams. Further, you must encourage communication to provide a shared understanding of goals and purpose.

Transparency is Critical

“As a leader, take the role of observer and help your team make up their mind. Communicating updates is critical, but active listening is even more important,” says Luciana. You must encourage your team members to share information by creating a shared digital folder, scoreboards, and documents. Provide access to your team members to handle customer complaints and future trends. This will help your team to make better decisions.

Provide Stability Through Scrum Events

In these times of global uncertainty, Scrum events can provide structure and predictability. Agile practices help the team to respond to change. In fact, Scrum events enable the team to remain focused on goals. By maintaining transparency and good Scrum practices even as a remote agile team, your team members can foster a sense of connection, safety, and fun.

Acknowledge Your Team and Provide Feedback

Acknowledging the team’s contribution to project success is essential when going through times of change and the current stressors of uncertainty. Provide specific, positive feedback for the excellent work of your employees at the end of each Scrum event. This communication allows your team members to stay in sync despite distance and daily changes.

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