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Is Agile a Sham? Learn About the Dark Side of it

Agility is one of the most used catchwords in the business world. It encourages healthy competition among companies to progress as a digital operator. However, this desire to become upbeat has fueled the advent of a fake agile culture. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Jen Krieger defines the impact of fake agile practices. Learn to spot forged approach and embrace true agility now.

Where is the Disconnect?

Fake agile practices are the hidden truth of the corporate realm. You may have witnessed them in your organization. It disconnects people from the systemic issues and conceals the path to progress.

Spotting a Fake

You will see the signs of warning, only if you carefully observe. Be vigilant and train your staff to initiate necessary transformational steps. If you remain ignorant of the customer experience, fulfilling their desires will stay a dream. So, ask your team:

  • If they are aware of the upcoming project and customer expectation from the project?
  • Do they take regular feedback from internal or external stakeholders?
  • What strategy do they have for customer engagement?
  • Do they see any opportunity in the stakeholder feedback? How do they plan to use it?

A fake agile team focuses on accomplishing a project without knowing its purpose. To make desired modifications, help your team to evolve, not by adjusting to the framework, but to the process. Save your teammates from repeating past mistakes by referring to the previous projects.

Real agility is a mindset that anticipates, endures, and fosters constant transformation. By embracing innovation, you can empower your team to make the right decisions. By nurturing collaboration and rejecting bureaucracy, you can initiate small but regular feedback loops. True agility shifts the business pace if you implement them appropriately.

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