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Scrum Master v/s Project Managers: Know the Difference

For an entrant in the IT industry, the roles of Scrum master and project manager look similar. There are a lot of misconceptions about how similar these two roles are. However, their roles are very separate and distinct from each other. In this article at DZone, Naveen Kumar Singh discusses the roles and responsibilities of a Scrum master and a project manager. He also goes on to explain why it is not good to compare the roles.

Difference Between Project Managers and Scrum Master

Understanding the distinction between these two roles will allow for a clear definition of expectations. Here are some of the significant differences:

  • The scrum master has a very defined and limited role in keeping the team close to the Scrum process framework. The project manager, on the other hand, wears multiple hats.
  • The project manager is focused on the project while the Scrum master focuses on the team.
  • One of the critical functions of the project managers is to document the progress and processes of a project extensively. In contrast, Scrum Masters are not responsible for any documentation.
  • Scrum masters must be experts in the field of the Scrum process framework, while project managers must demonstrate their expertise in the field they are managing a project for.
  • Project managers work with large teams with a considerable budget. In comparison, Scrum master works with smaller teams irrespective of budget.

Why Should You Stop Comparing the Roles?

Many project managers choose the role of Scrum master, or organizations insist them to take up the position. “Comparison is a natural thing to do in order to relate what I am doing now and what I am expected to do in the future,” says Naveen. Comparison happens when you don’t have an in-depth understanding of new processes. Therefore, you must evaluate the applicability and advantages of these processes to adopt new ways of working at this stage rather than comparing roles.

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