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Using Agility to Ease Work Life? Try It at Home Now

Ever since the pandemic hit the world, most professionals are working from remote locations or homes. If surviving the epidemic is difficult, then maintaining a work-life balance is tougher. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Monica Caldas suggests a modified agile approach to balance personal and professional life while working from Home.

Challenges at Home

Most of you must be working under skilled leaders that know how to operate and survive the rough weather. They might have helped you adjust to the new normal, but what about at home? The sudden shift might have forced you to convert a sleeping space or play area into your temporary office. Indeed, helping a child with online classes while attending a virtual meeting is difficult.

Leverage Agility

Do not be surprised! If you can use agility to make vital business decisions, then it can help you achieve desired outcomes at home too. Let us see how:

  • Prepare a KANBAN board to segregate items under lists like work-in-progress, to do, and accomplished. Schedule a quick touchpoint session at night to decide the menu for the next day, which is not specific to food. On weekends, review what worked in your favor or how you could have worked better. Indeed, it sounds like an added burden initially, but certainly, it will reduce the chaos. Adapt the routine for a month, and gradually you will get used to it.
  • The next step could be a sprint planning session to organize forthcoming weeks. Search for online educational tools to keep your young ones active at home. Also, use some automation tools to reduce work stress. Your career is as significant as your kid’s well-being. Giving up all is the most suitable option but sticking to the rough route is thrilling.

The pandemic has caused unprecedented changes in everyone’s life. However, if you draw a stability curve between professional and personal life, dealing with both becomes easy.

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