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Do You Have These Scrum Master Qualities?

With more teams embracing agile methodologies, you must acquire quite a few Scrum Master qualities. Do you know what those are? You must ensure that the team is following all the scrum procedures. If team members are struggling to follow the best practices, you should remove those barriers. In this article at AgileConnection, Dan Martin shares eight Scrum Master qualities that you must embrace.

What Are Those Scrum Master Qualities?

You need to hone your leadership skills to manage scrum teams. Slight mismanagement and you see the project budget and timeline increasing infinitely. Here are the Scrum Master qualities that you must acquire for the betterment of the team:


Since you must communicate, both verbally and in words, one of the premium Scrum Master qualities is communication with the team. However, it is only not about assigning people tasks. You must listen to the roadblocks and concerns to solve things before they are too late.


You must know when to encourage the team and when to protect them. After all, their well-being is your responsibility. The position alone cannot give the power to influence the department. You must earn it based on your dedication and trust.

Attention to Detail

One of the Scrum Master qualities that organizations would look for is attention to detail. If the team comes up with problems, you must solve it so that the issue does not resurface. The more complicated the problem, the more meticulous you should be.

Wearing Many Hats

Look into every aspect of the team. It enables you to provide solutions when the time comes. Expect issues to crop up any second, so be prepared to address and mitigate them while working on your regular assignments.


Sometimes it takes longer than usual to untangle knots. Though the team might give up, your perseverance should encourage them to follow through. Be the role model they need during the crisis.


When you talk, do people fall silent and listen to you? One of the Scrum Master qualities is to be persuasive. Your words should carry weight, and only then would the team follow you to the end of the world.


While you ensure that everything is in shipshape, you must be available to remove the bottlenecks. If your team gets your timely support, their productivity will increase. Having a collaborative atmosphere in the department allows for open discussions and faster resolution.


Do you quickly lose your temper when there are too many things to resolve? If not, you already have one of the Scrum Master qualities—composure. No matter what happens, the team can rely on your cool-headed suggestions.

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