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Embrace Agility to Prevent Quality Assurance Pitfalls

The quality assurance team plays a significant role in successful project delivery. They are accountable for coordinating and maintaining high quality to improve business standards and profitability. In this article at TechBeacon, Tom Stiehm shares a noteworthy practice of developing a team of ‘impediment-removal engines’ (IREs). They can support the quality assurance (QA) team struggling with the obstacles. Testing is one such area where the quality analysts are stuck often.

Strategic Approach

Form a separate team of professionals open to using their authority to resolve common quality concerns. Optimize a software development process that needs immediate attention towards resolving the common pitfalls or impediments. It would help you enhance your ability to get work done. Avoid working on a low-priority issue because it will make the critical ones more visible.

Execution of the Strategy

The IREs would map out the ideas to assemble squads that would be in charge of addressing the quality assurance problems. Each team must select a specific issue to help the QA team overcome them. The IRE teams would coordinate like a project team under them and leverage agile methods to redefine the project progress. Follow these agile approaches to execute the IRE strategy:

  • Form a team of agile directors and their reporting managers to evaluate the regular roadblocks affecting the QA teams. Make sure the IRE teams acknowledge the approaches used by the QA team to resolve the issues initially. Now, empower your IRE team to access any department without waiting for approvals from seniors. Develop a smooth escalation path to address the vulnerable approaches.
  • Form another set of IRE teams with directors and the vice president to resolve issues that were beyond the first IRE team’s expertise. The second set of IREs would oversee only a few problems that need powerful solution.
  • The third wave of IREs involves only vice presidents and their bosses. They will look after a substantial issue affecting your company growth. Be it governance compliance, approval from government bodies, or coordinating projects for district or state-level approvals. However, the issues reaching this level must convert into visible returns.

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