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How to Create a Product Backlog for Urgent Items

Do you have several urgent items in your product backlog? A product backlog is a product management device that enables team members to complete tasks in priority. Your team cannot work on tasks at once. So, how can you include everything in the same backlog? In his blog article, Roman Pichler shares ways to create a product backlog for urgent items.

Prioritizing Product Backlog

Understand the Users and Their Interests

Though everything can be a priority, you must learn to figure out the most important tasks. Otherwise, your developers will be in a fix. Do not feel pressured to incorporate features just because a stakeholder wants them. Focus on your user base and if the elements are valuable to them. Create a product plan or strategy that you can use when you feel confused about prioritizing urgent items into the product backlog.

Explain the Product Advantages

Even if you have a product strategy, you need to know what your users want in the upcoming days. All your efforts will be wasted if your rival companies make those features available in their product first. Ensure that the components are aligned with your product strategy.

Discard Unnecessary Items

What are the goals for your present product backlog? This will help you prioritize items and keep the backlog short. Keep the product details as concise as possible. If it is deemed too complicated or risky at the moment, you can move the deprioritized items to the end of the backlog list. Carry those over to the next sprint to avoid having ‘zombie items’ sitting in your development backyard.

Go Back to the Rest

Once you are done working on the topmost product backlog items, work on your secondary task list. You can analyze their priority based on their risk intensity. Always brainstorm with the developers to increase backlog efficiency across the team.

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