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How to Secure Your Agile?

Virtually all companies must now contend with an increasingly agile workforce. With many offices reopening, employees are splitting their time between the office and remote working, leading a shift towards a hybrid workforce. These persistent changes have brought new hazards to the agile workforce. In this article at Security Boulevard, Andrea Babbs explains how businesses can move from remote working to a secure, agile workforce.

Ways to Secure Your Agile Workforce

Robust Cloud Security

Many enterprises are using cloud environments for multiple business solutions. Some have even adopted more comprehensive cloud-based business services for flexibility and rapid change. With cloud security for an agile workforce, your IT and security teams can focus on essential tasks rather than battle daily the complex and brittle systems.

Multi-Layered Security Defence

Email is the most-used communication tool, even more so when working remote. However, it is the weakest link in IT security, with 91% of cybercrimes beginning with an email. “Particularly, when working remotely with limited access to IT support teams, employees must be ready to question, verify the authenticity and interrogate the risk level of potential phishing emails or malicious links,” explains Andrea. Multi-layered defense such as email checking tools successfully reduces the chance of malware introduction into the company network while boosting your agile workforce’s productivity.

Shift in Approach

The key to a successful and safe agile workforce is to shift the approach of full reliance on IT, where every employee is alert, empowered, responsible, and educated with the ‘security first’ approach. You cannot expect your IT team to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and adapt to new threats. However, you can expect your agile workforce to work mindfully and responsibly on the front lines of cyber defense.

With the right security strategy that highlights the importance of layered security and changing the existing mindset, you will be able to secure your agile workforce. To read the original article, click on

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