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Relieve Developers from Multiple Meeting Stress

Is your development team suffering from multiple meeting stress? While meetings bring in great ideas, developers must implement those visions, and that needs time. Multiple interruptions cause a loss in productivity and workflow. Though nobody is making an informal request by coming up to the desk, you tend to accommodate those as well. In this article at DZone, Dan Lines shares tips to relieve developers from multiple meeting stress.

Reducing Multiple Meeting Stress

Some of the leaders tried quick-fix solutions, which did not work. So, when you attempt to reduce your development team’s multiple meeting stress, avoid the following mistakes:

Designating A No-Meeting Day: Even if people across the organization agree not to have meetings in one of the working days, things will crumble soon. Developers would be more stressed because some stakeholders would go for informal ones.

Signs to Indicate Availability: Putting up common symbols on the work desk to display if you are available for the meeting seems a feasible idea. However, this also is very team-specific and may not last long.

Instead of thinking that developers, in general, do not like meetings, let’s see if these steps help you remove their multiple meeting stress:

Standardize Meeting Model

You have daily standups and weekly, monthly, and quarterly meetups, making developers invest 10 percent of their sprint’s two-week iteration. If you add their separate meetups with feature owners, emergencies, etc., you are eating away their time. Analyze the value before scheduling these meetings.

Find Out Value

Is it important for developers to attend all meetings? While ideation sessions might add value to the directors and CEOs, your development team cannot prove their feasibility of those ideas until they work on them. Ensure that every attendee derives value from the meetings. Otherwise, spare them the multiple meeting stress.

Discuss the Purpose

The development team must understand the purpose behind the product they are building. Meanwhile, the support department can bring forward customer concerns. So, having an all-hands meet is necessary every month, and you must explain this to your developers.

Club Meetings Together

We have meetings when all are free but do we consider productive hours we lose by impromptu discussions? Since we cannot cancel all, let us club the meetings at the beginning and end of the day. So, all get a solid 3 to 4 hours of time block to concentrate and complete their work.

Make Statuses Visible

Sometimes meetings occur because we do not update our status on common platforms like Jira. Not having an update is a genuine concern for stakeholders. Let all work on this together for everyone’s sake. It saves time to update a task list than have multiple meeting stress.

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