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Sprint Demos: The Benefits to Agile Teams

Software teams are evolving faster than ever. The products you work on change constantly, and one way to keep the team members and stakeholders in the loop is by doing regular team-wide demo sessions or sprint demos. In this article at PMWorld 360, Shawn Belling shares six strong reasons why agile teams should demo every sprint, even when you think demo might not be very interesting to the stakeholders.

Benefits of Sprint Demo


One of the great things about agile is that it highlights the milestones achieved at the end of every sprint. This true and transparent way of measuring the overall project progress helps the team members determine what must be completed.

Sprint Accountability

Agile project teams operate on share commitment and accountability. One of Scrum’s fundamental principles is that the teams should be committed to what they say they will complete in the sprint. The team must try hard to deliver what they have committed to deliver.

Healthy Pressure

“Knowing that the team must demo their work at the end of each sprint adds enough pressure to help them push to get it (project) ‘done’,” says Shawn.

Team Motivation

Each feature developed by the team, irrespective of the size, contributes to reaching the project goals. When managers point out small tasks’ value, it motivates the team to continue doing their best work, even on seemingly trivial features.  In other words, the positive feedback during the sprint demo to the team members undoubtedly increases employees’ motivation level.

Agile Discipline

Sprint demos are part of the discipline of most agile methodologies. Rigor and discipline in execution are crucial to project success and improvement in the use of agile methodologies.

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