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Three Amigos Meeting: The Fastest Way to Success

In agile software development teams, most employees work on multiple projects and collaborate with other team members to successfully execute a project. This means teams spend a lot of time in meetings. Yet, several issues like missed test scenarios, delays causing late deployment, defects in the test environment, and requirement changes are found. To overcome such issues, you must adopt the ‘Three Amigos’ Approach. In this article at Tech Target, George Lawton explains how to host the Three Amigos meeting and who should join in.

What is the Three Amigo Meeting?

Three Amigos refers to the primary perspectives to examine the progress of work — before, during, and after development. The perspectives include:

  • Business: What problem are you trying to solve?
  • Development: How should you build a solution to solve the problem?
  • Testing – What could be the possible result?

These meetings are often attended by a business analyst, developer, and tester. Here, the businessperson analyst clarifies the requirements before development. The developer lays out the issues that might arise in the development process, and the software quality tester ensures that testing considerations match the requirements. The result of the collaboration results in a clearer description of the project, further leading to a shared understanding.

How to Conduct a Three Amigos Meeting?

Keep these meetings short. Experts believe that any meeting that runs for more than an hour becomes ineffective. Allow for more viewpoints to align around the shared goals when need. Confining your meetings to a small group as a large group can prohibit your understanding. Besides, invest time in preparation. Include a checklist to gauge the readiness of a user story. Remember, with a little extra preparation, the Three Amigos meeting will yield a much higher output.

What are the Benefits?

Adopting the Three Amigos strategy benefits both individuals and teams. It helps in increasing your team’s agility, adaptability, and innovation. Embedding this strategy into an agile approach assists you in continuous improvement.

Curious to know more about three Amigos meetings and its benefits? Click here to read the original article,

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