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Agile Approach to Turn Failure into a Favorable Act

Failure opens new avenues of opportunities, but not everyone could see them. Your ability to counter a significant breakdown can define the future of your business. In this article at InformationWeek, Joao-Pierre S. Ruth suggests that agile development fails mostly when the project assessments are still progressing. Ignoring the basic agile principles while adopting the methodology is the reason for such accidents.

Growing Risks

Agile methodology fails when your team cannot deliver and stay oblivious of their actions. Working with agile software is the key to maintain consistency. However, if you are not witnessing any improvement, your team is undoubtedly lagging. Observe these symptoms to ensure your team is delivering their commitments:

Zero Backlog

Teams working on a project for four or more weeks should not carry a backlog. They must have clarity about their activities and future endeavors. A backlog is the sign of distraction and lack of prioritization.

Assess the Backlog

Being the product manager, you must keep a close watch over the backlog and review it regularly. Thus, you can make the necessary adjustments to keep the process going. Too many tickets to review may lead to more time wastage. Set priorities to ease the course of action.

Limited Skillset

Grooming is crucial for the team to refine their act of addressing customer or stakeholder queries. Only you can help your team prioritize and accomplish tasks at hand. You can assess the top few tickets in the backlog to train them. Help them get a fair knowledge of the customer requirements.

Wrong Interpretation

Stories are the tasks accomplished by the project teams. Flawed interpretation leads to a lack of execution and failure. Thus, offer mentorship and guidelines to your team while giving them adequate retraining to avoid pitfalls. Ensure that each team member is efficient in writing stories and making notes of the stakeholders’ instructions.

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