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Negative Sounding Agile Terms, But Are Not

If you are new to an Agile team, you may face some confusion with the use of specific terminologies. Since millions of teams worldwide use Agile, it has evolved over the years, spawning multiple Agile methodologies, principles, and practices. As a result, Agile teams have terminologies to manage all these principles and practices. However, some less familiar terms might come up only a few times within a sprint or throughout the entire agile project. In this article at The Agile Times, the author explains some negative sounding terms with a positive context in Agile work settings.

Terms that Sounds Informal

Burn Up

A Burn Up Chart is a tool to track the progress of work. The chart displays the completed work and total work on the vertical axis. The vertical axis consists of work-hours, work-days, story points, or any other work unit. On the other hand, the horizontal access shows iterations (sprints).

Burn Down

This tool is similar to the Burn Up chart. However, if a client adds work mid-project, then the scope change would appear as negative progress in the Burn Down Chart.

Playing Games

Playing games is often considered as being non-productive or wasting time. In agile teams, playing games is an instrument to solve issues in product development and team building. Playing creates a safe space to innovate and collaborate with others. It is very much encouraged to play games to get familiar with agile planning, team-building activities, workflows, and iterative development.

Pigs and Chickens

Pigs and chickens is an informal term used in Agile development, especially in Scrum. The term derived from fable describes the roles of different participants in the daily scrum meeting. The pigs are those who have stakes in the project and are essential to the project’s success or failure. The chickens are those who attend the meeting with no direct relevance to the project’s progress or updates. They are considered as eavesdroppers in the Scrum meetings.

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