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Proven Agile Principles to Boost Product Innovation

From digital transformation to virtual business opportunities, the demand for innovative products is never fading. Thanks to the ‘new normal’ business transformations, agile adoption is way too critical now than before. In this article at Agile Connection, Matthew Chen clarifies the importance of executing agile principles to develop innovative products.

Survival of the Fittest

Agile is no longer a new framework, but it certainly is a progressive approach to product development. It helps in creating high-quality software in less time. The budding technical modifications are the trigger point of fueling market competition. So, either stay upbeat or match the innovation speed; the choice is yours. Explore these tried and tested agile principles to pioneer product development:

Complete the Buy-In

For agile to work, everyone in the organization must contribute to the total buy-in. Turn to agile transformation by assembling a product team. Brainstorm in meetings, hold productive work sessions and commence scrum adoption to enable agile buy-ins. The UX, developers, operations, and product teams must adopt an agile mindset. The whole enterprise need not become agile, though.

Work Together

A range of agile principles and methodologies make a project or product appealing. One of the core strategies is to put people first. As a product manager, it is your responsibility to maintain regular and clear communication with your team. Only then will you be able to meet customers’ needs at each phase of development.

Coax Coalition

Developers and business leaders must work in close collaboration during the product lifecycle. Develop the project with highly motivated members by offering them the required resources and support. Stay affixed to a one-on-one communication channel to exchange information within the team.

Integrate Transformation

Be open to changes, even in the later stage of product development. Your team must be flexible enough to outperform under any circumstances.

Curb Limitations

Keep everything simple to get better outcomes from your product team. One of the agile principles says that simple ideas reduce unwanted hassles and limitations. Thus, you can make room for more important decisions.

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