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Agile Retrospectives: How to Leverage Them Well?

You perform agile retrospectives after the end of every sprint to review your previous sprint activities. Have you considered doing the same for your retrospectives? Are you getting enough out of the sessions? In this article at Agile Alliance, Jutta Eckstein and John Buck discuss how to leverage agile retrospectives.

Optimize Agile Retrospectives

You collect data from the previous sprint and discuss if you followed through with the client requirements and the lessons learned. However, is that all agile retrospectives can offer? Here’s how to optimize the retrospectives:


For agile retrospectives to work better, you must analyze if the solutions you came up with based on the data collected are the best so far. If the same issue recurs in the next sprint, then you are not doing enough. There are two ways to apply logic to your analysis of the results—abductive and inductive. See what suits your actions better.

Know Your Parameters

You need to have a benchmark or KPI to measure the effectiveness of the agile retrospectives. Have the parameters ready before starting a session so that you can have before-and-after results. The KPIs can be objective or subjective, or you can have separate teams to look after the entire activity. You can assign a group with new actions and let the other group work as usual. When both are done, compare the results of both the agile retrospectives.

You can choose from the results the type of agile retrospectives that would benefit your team’s continuous development. Discuss your analysis with your team and establish team objectives that all should follow for the future agile retrospectives to work per your expectations. If the new approaches work, you should publish them on the organizational web or outside to encourage others to leverage the innovative methods.

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