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An Overview of Scrum Guide Reordered

If you manage or lead a Scrum Team, you know Scrum methodology is one of today’s most effective project management frameworks. Much like organizational values, Scrum values are the foundation on which the framework is built. If you are looking forward to understanding Scrum-related questions and spot the patterns quickly, choose the Scrum Guide 2020 Reordered. In this article at Business2Community, Stephen Wolpers explains how to use Scrum Guide 2020 Reordered to spot patterns.

Beyond Software Development

The Scrum Guide Reordered 2020 is based on about 95 percent of Scrum Guide 2020, extending its original structure by adding additional categories on commitment, accountability, and self-management. “The new Scrum Guide is less perspective, eliminating many suggestions such as the Daily Scrum questions, at least one mandatory action item from the Retrospective becoming a part of the Sprint backlog, or the advice on why Sprint cancelations are rare events,” explains Stephen.

One of the significant changes in Scrum Guild 2020 that stand out includes Scrum commitments. Here, each artifact contains a commitment to ensure it offers information to boost transparency and focus on the project against which progress can be measured.

For the product backlog, it is the product Goal; for the sprint backlog, it is the sprint goal; and for the Increment, it is the Definition of Done.

Product Goal

This is a long-term objective for the Scrum Team. The Product Goal explains the state of the product that can serve as a target for the Scrum team to plan against.

Sprint Goal

This is the single objective for the Sprint. It provides flexibility in terms of actual work needed to achieve the project goal.

Definition of Done

The Definition of Done creates transparency by providing everyone a shared understanding of work’s progress as a part of the Increment. The purpose of the Definition of Done is to provide value to the customers.

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