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Four Steps to Improving Mainframe Agility

The pandemic has undoubtedly accelerated digital transformation in most organizations. People have become more reliant on online platforms, whether it is streaming entertainment, banking, or shopping groceries. Organizations must now chase the newer and more modern technology over the tried-and-true. This means enterprises must ensure that development on the mainframe is more agile than ever before. In this article at, Gary Stevens explains four focus areas for DevOps teams who want to improve mainframe agility.

Best Practices to Follow

Measure Against KPIs

Mainframe code must be consistently measured against the same KPIs as other code types such as velocity, efficiency, and quality. “There are more nuanced goals that need to be prioritized, too. Continuous improvements in software delivery are harder to quantify but no less important,” explains Gary. Further, the keys to increasing performance across these KPIs are the same for mainframe code for all platforms – integration, consistent measurement, and automation.

Adopt Automation

Without proper functionality, integration, and quality, the end-to-end applications don’t work. Therefore, automated testing is critical for mainframe code as comprehensive and accurate data helps detect vulnerabilities and fix the potential issues. This serves as the backbone for many modern, customer-facing transactional applications. Studies indicate that 90% of application development managers believe that automating more test cases could be the most critical factor in the digital transformation journey.

Improve Developer Experience

The mainframe processes and methods of the past, such as waterfall development approaches, have become intolerable impediments in today’s innovation-centric digital markets. Often, the development teams want to bring DevOps’ power to their mainframe environments, but this transformation can seem overwhelming. Helping the new generation developers drive innovation is the simplest and easiest place to improve the developer experience.

Enable Cross-Platform Delivery

Mainframe applications and data serve as a back-end resource for multi-platform customer-and-employee-facing applications that include web, cloud components, and mobile. To truly empower everyone to achieve maximum mainframe agility, mainframe code must translate within the larger, multi-platform DevOps toolchain. If you fail to sync DevOps and mainframe code, it could slow down software development lifecycles.

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