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How Can Scrum Masters Pacify Their Inner Controller?

Your inner controller might have an unrealistic vision that can affect the team’s performance. It overpowers your ability to take calculated risks and encourages you to take impulsive actions. In this article at, Stephanie Ockerman defines agile ways to cope with the inner controller and be a great scrum master. The temptation to take control of a specific situation occurs when you desperately try to achieve targets.

Conquer Challenges

The ever-empowering role of the scrum master may encourage you to overreact or become too ruling. Indeed, managing the scrum team is difficult. You may jump on resolving an issue, even though it is easy for your team to work out. The inner controller can show up anytime and hold you back. Follow these steps to curb the internal controller in you and become a great scrum master:

Escape Precision

Being a scrum master, you might aim to accomplish the perfect sprint retrospective. However, your constant efforts and strategic execution may fail. So, instead of pushing your team to achieve the desired results, learn more about why you failed. Avoid stressing yourself to achieve perfection.

Stay Open to Learning

Your desire to control your team, assuming you know everything, may lead to a significant communication gap. Being a leader or scrum master, it is your responsibility to carefully listen to the people working for or with you. Let them share their experiences and perspectives. Also, leverage your past learning and wisdom without ignoring others’ opinions.

Avert Judgments

You may become a real control freak if you continue overreacting and judging people. Always strive to cultivate a culture of inclusion and empathy at work. If your team is accountable for valuable results, you must also reciprocate with an agile mindset. Be creative and responsive to encourage curiosity and innovation.

Observe your inner controller and consciously find ways to overcome it. Adopt an appreciating and positive mindset to let go of the control freak in you. As a great scrum master, your team and clients must feel free to share their ideas and concerns with you.

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