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How to Handle Stakeholders in an Agile Transition?

Brainstorming and communicating agile transformation plans to stakeholders is crucial. It can help you successfully acquire their confidence and support for future collaboration and buy-ins. Additionally; it is significant to elevate the game of agile transformation. In this article at the Age of Product, Stefan Wolpers suggests a list of reliable stakeholder communication strategies to adapt to stakeholders’ ideas.

Strategic Execution

Agile transition does not happen only in a team or division. The entire organization must embrace it over time. So, keep the stakeholders notified about the move in advance. Share the idea with the internal stakeholders at an early stage to win their support.

Maintain Transparency

Often, people take agile transformation as a matter of pride, which influences their position in the company. So, help them understand the benefits of agile transformation. Sell the idea to them as a new development for business growth and customer satisfaction. Maintain empathy with the stakeholders right from the beginning of an agile transition. A well-thought-out communication plan can bring you successful returns. Here is what you can do:

  • Use the scrum events, including review meetings and daily scrums, to responsibly interact with the stakeholders. Share the idea of agile transformation to bring valuable returns to the business.
  • You can maintain transparency with the stakeholders through aggregated dashboards. Involve Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and software engineers to help them understand the reason and benefits of changes.
  • Hold regular meetings with the stakeholders to define progress and invite them to be valuable allies in all agile transition phases.
  • Form a daily newsletter of top company news that involves organizational progress and trending industrial practices. Highlight the leading startups and technology giants’ achievements that used the agile methodology.

Smart initiatives and communication ideas may convey the right message to the stakeholders, but you can also convince them to adapt the transitions. Failed stakeholder communication about agile transition may risk the growth of your company. So, form a reliable communication strategy to win stakeholders’ support.

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