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IT Operations Team, Adopt Agile and Never Look Back

Nothing makes an organization more potent than propelling top-notch employees to chase a common goal. If the IT operations team applies the same strategy, it can deliver impressive results. In this article at InfoWorld, Isaac Sacolick explains how scrum and Kanban practices can evolve IT operations, address your shortcomings, and give you a new direction to work.

Strategic Priorities

There are some substantial variations in the IT operations culture. Knowing them will prove helpful in redefining the strategic priorities of your self-organizing IT operations teams. This way, you can adopt a multidisciplinary agile methodology at work. Consider these steps to progress further:

Refine Objective

IT operations’ primary objective is to stay upbeat with production, development, applications, and database management. It should address end-user requests and, at the same time, help CIOs follow a strategic roadmap. Agile methodology is the crucial enabler for you to specify upfront requirements, technical know-how, and other inconsistent priorities.

Often, the IT operations team consider agile practices as a methodology dedicated to software development. To execute it in operations, coach them for the strategic execution of work. The IT operations are task-driven.

Integrate Agility

IT operations team already uses ITIL systems to manage incidents and customer requests. However, the IT service management software is not appropriate for tracking multidisciplinary initiatives and complex project protocols. By adopting an agile methodology, you can switch to the right tools and software to align your priorities. Multiple tools observe and align your work priorities while maintaining a record of your progress at assigned jobs. It can also help you maintain transparency with the stakeholders and retract unnecessary tasks to respond to a priority request.

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