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Why Doesn’t Agile Work for Your Business?

Why do you want to implement Agile in your organization? Is it because your competitor has chosen Agile? Is it because employees asked you to do so? Or is it because you attended a conference and learned the Agile is becoming more popular? If your answer is yes, then the reason behind the implementation of Agile is wrong. In this article at TechBeacon, Curtis Poe explains what happens when adopting Agile methodologies for the wrong reasons.

Agile’s Role

The Agile framework allows you to deliver business value from the very first week of product development. If your project is close to its market evolution’s novelty phase, you will have a lot of uncertainty and change. In such a situation, agile is a great choice. They help focus on reliability and reproducibility.

When You Choose Agile for Wrong Reasons…

Many of the principles highlight the point that Agile is about embracing change and lowering cost. If you assume that Agile is about retrospectives, short iterations, story cards, and standups, then you are misguided. Remember, you are not alone. Often “Agile is taught as a set of behaviors, with little reference to the goal beyond vague mentions of side-effects like improved time to market, customer satisfaction, and lower startup costs,” explains Curtis Poe. The situation is similar to teaching people the chess moves and keeping them blind to checkmate.

When Should You Choose Agile?

  • Agile is an ideal choice when you have a general understanding of your product’s end result, but you expect many changes in the development stages.
  • Choose Agile when your employees are as enthusiastic about Agile implementation as you are.
  • Agile implementation will be successful when the development team and management team understand its value and remain prepared to collaborate for product development.

The Agile methodology doesn’t fit all businesses. You must perform a profound analysis to understand if it suits your organization. To read the original article, click on

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