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2021 Automation Projections for DevOps and Agile

Digital transformation is the need of the hour for DevOps and agile teams. However, organizations still have to make plenty of adjustments to new developments or expansions. To offer high-quality software, companies must learn about the prospects of DevOps and agile automation. In this article at ZDNet, Joe McKendrick explains how limited automation in DevOps may cause a roadblock.

Need for AI Assistance

Kief Morris, Principal Cloud Technologist at ThoughtWorks, believes automation is vital for companies because a “low-code AI assistance” can affect cloud computing. Meanwhile, reliable API management and governance can boost “microservice-based development models.” Automation brings coherent solutions to overcome future turbulence. However, it is possible only when developers carefully examine DevOps’ and agile progress to maintain a progress record.

Emerging Challenges

DevOps and agile play a significant role in strategic decision-making for business growth. However, most organizations lack clarity of the core agile methodology. Thus, many business collaborations and transformations suffer miscommunication. Many companies claim to have an agile mindset, but most of them follow a modified version of the Waterfall. Once a development team starts focusing on a legacy application right from the start with advanced technologies, achieving agile benefits becomes more manageable.

Similarly, DevOps means different things to different people. Most users are unaware of its simple forms, principles, and possible outcomes. Often, the DevOps teams choose to stay aloof from the operational aspects of coding. Many enterprises rebrand their existing process as “DevOps” without modifying the core concepts. By reducing the development lifecycle’s length, you can offer constant quality deliverables and improve the output. Thus, the traditional operations and development teams can embrace change. It would enhance the real worth of DevOps.

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