Agile Software Development

Can Agile Unite Flow and Iteration for IT Marketers?

There are many areas in which Kanban software development correctly applies. Organizations are using it for project maintenance, software development as well as digital marketing. However, agile teams use Kanban to exemplify constant flow and Scrum to sustain recurring iterations. In this article at CMSWire, Andrea Fryrear defines the combination of both frameworks as “Scrumban.” She believes using Scrum and Kanban together can produce more lucrative outcomes.

Agile Development

The agile framework has influenced software development and reduced the rivalry between your team flow and iteration. So, you cannot stick to one practice or choose only one of them. It would hamper your growth and influence. Switching to an adaptive alternative known as “Rimarketing” is ideal for mellowing down the Kanban flow and Scrum iteration rivalry. Kanban is highly influenced by lean-agile principles that indicate a specific set of actions. Meanwhile, Scrum has an advanced approach that addresses a particular set of requirements.

Modern Marketing

Marketers have to manage a range of frequent tasks, including content creation, email distribution, social media communication, and so on. Furthermore, they have to make strategic efforts for product launches and promotions. Rimarketing helps them prioritize work to streamline the operations and accumulate valuable returns. It does not oblige them to choose between Kanban flow and Scrum iteration but encourages them to periodically embrace both the frameworks. So, prepare a priority task list and use the Kanban board to fast-track progress. Examine the whole process to evaluate what you have learned. Once the phase of the assessment is over, marketers can shift their attention to flow. Always choose a flexible framework that works in favor of your team and prospective consumers. Never forcefully fit your work into one framework. Your objective should be to scale the flow and iterate for constant development.

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