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Define Agile Project Purpose to Make a Winning Start

Everyone defines how to start an Agile project. Have you asked why you want to use the methodology for your project? You must define the agile project purpose to avoid a vague start. Scrum or Agile can solve your issues once you know them. In her blog article, Johanna Rothman shares why defining the agile project purpose is essential.

Necessitate Agile Project Purpose

Though Agile has multiple benefits, you must know where you can utilize it. Some projects also do well with hybrid methods—Agile and Waterfall. So, define the project methodology per the team and their requirements. Let’s discuss the ‘who’, ‘why’, and ‘question’ topics that you should learn before starting the project:

Define the ‘Who’

Your team must be comfortable with the framework you choose. Have a discussion with the team instead of telling them the approach they should follow. It might be that they would prefer doing half of the project in Waterfall and the other half in Scrum. Talk with everyone who will be directly affected by the methodology.

Understand the ‘Why’

Analyze the agile project purpose by discussing why your team thinks Agile is the best approach for the project. Agile has several benefits. Find out what makes the team rely on the framework. More collaboration, better feedback integration, and effective change responses are a few of the prevalent advantages. They can also resonate with the velocity, collaboration, cost efficiency, and productivity enhancements Agile approaches provide.

Pose a Good Question

To discover the agile project purpose, you should ask a good question. According to Rothman, that question is, “What business outcomes do you want?” It can be the results, quality, errors, time-to-market rate, etc. Go through the Scrum Guide before deciding on the method. Once you have the agile project purpose, you can determine the methodology.

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