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Add Right Amount of Lean to Improve Agile

Agile methodology owes its success to Lean, which promotes the need for quick feedback. In this article at Agile Alliance, Michael Mahlberg and his co-author define Agile as a guiding principle, which is broadly related to “cargo cult behavior.” If you infuse Lean thinking in Agile methodology, it can reduce the cargo cult facets and bring value to your business.

Agile Progress

Once an organization or team adopts an Agile approach, they develop a push system as an alternative to risk management. Since project managers push teams, they bear the brunt of producing the desired outcomes. Instead, if the managers use pull thinking to deliver faster results, progress becomes effortless. The ideal way to adopt a pull system is to evade the need for forced expansion. If the team follows a pull system, they can easily overcome delays and bottlenecks. Thus, they can assess the loopholes and reduce bottlenecks to optimize project delivery.

Agile Coaching

Finding multiple coaches may not justify the Lean-Agile practices. Successful coaches can push experienced professionals to put concrete techniques to use. Leaders must start turning coaching into a powerful weapon to nurture teams for business development. It helps to understand and implement Lean thinking at work.

Lean Metrics

Try to implement the one-size-fits-all Agile approach to compare different team’s accomplishments against each other. Analyze practical progress and assign the same approach to different people at work. Monitor lead time along with cycle time to avoid vague estimations. Real-time project charts can help you embrace progress.

Pouring a Lean approach into the Agile methodology can create room for improved business results and upscale productivity. Furthermore, learning about your present situations inside out is the formula to find alternatives to win. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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