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DevOps Success: What Should You Measure?

A DevOps transformation represents a significant investment of money, time, and resources to overhaul everything from communication to tools within an organization. Clearly and accurately assessing DevOps performance allows you to improve efficiency, track success, and define objectives. In this article at SD Times, Jakub Lewkowicz shares insights into key DevOps metrics that stand crucial to a successful DevOps journey.

Proven Metrics for DevOps Success

Frequency of Deployment

In the DevOps world, more deployments help you get more releases. This improves your business interaction with end-users. Tracking the deployment frequency enables you to stay on track and plan your smaller deployments. Reducing the size of deployments makes it easier to test and release.

Lead Time

If your goal is to quickly ship a code, this is a key DevOps metric that must be measured. Lead time is the amount of time taken between work initiation and deployment by developers. This metric demonstrates how long it would take on average until new work gets to production.

Mean Time to Detection (MTTD)

When problems occur, you must identify them early. Having a robust application monitoring system in place will help you quickly detect issues.

Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR)

This KPI gauges your company’s efficiency to resolve issues. MTTR measures the average recovery time from failure to resolution. Additionally, it provides answers about whether customers experienced errors or abandoned the application. Evaluating the business impact and customer experience repercussion provides the insights required to understand and prioritize problems. Improving MTTR protects customer satisfaction.

Customer Tickets

This is an effective quantifier of your successful DevOps transformation. Reducing customer tickets is a strong indicator of quality application performance. Cutting down on customer tickets also ensures a seamless user experience that further translates to increased sales.

If you want to take your DevOps implementation to the next level, this list of metrics will undoubtedly help you gain some ideas of what to track and improve. To read the original article, click on

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