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The Paradox of Agile Development and Marketing

It does not matter which industry you represent, agile principles are the same for all. It promotes collaboration and flexibility over hierarchy control. Agile promotes innovative development to create value for customers. It is all about empowering teams to make independent decisions. It is more about getting the job done and achieving results by responding to changes faster. In this article at CMSWire, Andrea Fryrear elaborates on the fundamental disparity between agile marketing and software development.

Learn by Example

Suppose an agile marketing team receives sales collateral requests along with a subsequent landing page to work on as a priority. However, the marketing team rejects it in a bid to continue with the ongoing sprint. In response, the sales team manages to develop the collateral and landing page using a free online tool.

Similarly, another sales executive receives a request from a customer. The customer requests the agile software development team to build it. The agile team also refuses to do the needed work like the agile marketers because of mid-sprint restrictions. In this case, the salesperson agrees to wait for the developers to shift their attention towards customer requests.

What’s the Point?

Both instances may look similar to you, yet they are incredibly different. Both agile teams have the authority to decline and manage their priorities. The agile approach of work is distinct for business and software development. Indeed, the business agility adherents must be carefully considered.

Nature of Work

Software development products are intricate and follow governance guidelines to prevent unauthorized access. If the developers decline a sales request, you cannot access the system to take control, but for marketing collateral, you can.

Nonetheless, it is unethical and demonstrates the need for mutual respect between the functional areas. The sales team should have given the same respect to the agile marketing team’s decision as they did to the developers. It requires careful consideration and understanding of peer priorities, and an understanding that the agile mindset is all about acceptance.

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