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Why DevSecOps Matters to Your Business

Data breaches have gained widespread attention as businesses of all sizes are now reliant on digital data, cloud computing, and workforce mobility. Often, mistakes and negligence are the chief reasons behind most security breaches. To mitigate such risks that developers face across the entire application portfolio, organizations must implement better security analytics. DevSecOps favors the inclusion of application security activities from the very beginning of development stages. In this article at Security Boulevard, the author explains how DevSecOps analytics and reporting help you hit critical goals.

How DevSecOps Benefits

Implementing DevSecOps often delivers immediate business benefits—improvement in the security position of the applications. This methodology helps identify and mitigate security risks during the initial stage of an application or software development process, thus, reducing development costs.

What Goals Does DevSecOps Help You Achieve?

Identifying Risks

Application security is so broad and diverse that embedding continuous integration and delivery pipeline can be a daunting task. Using a DevSecOps approach enables you to detect security loopholes from the beginning of an application design. This means that instead of one person working on security at the end of software development, even the developers can evaluate risks based on legitimate data.

Stronger Model for Shared Responsibility

“Reliable analytics and reporting around AppSec facilitate a stronger model of shared responsibility among security and DevOps teams,” says the author. The reports further help security and engineering leaders to compare and track vulnerabilities throughout the software development life cycle (SDLC) and pinpoint risks that affect multiple applications.

Allows for Informed Business Decisions

DevSecOps brings together developers, technology operations teams, and security teams to work towards a common goal. By collaborating around shared goals, DevSecOps teams make informed decisions in the workflow. By implementing the DevSecOps methodology, leaders can also assess the overall health and risk of revenue-generating applications and accordingly make operational business decisions.

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