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Bust These Myths About DevSecOps Now!

If done right, DevSecOps implementation brings fruitful results to the organization—better collaboration between teams, faster time to market, enhanced customer satisfaction, and critical security controls. However, many organizations have preconceived notions and misconceptions about DevSecOps adoption. In this article at Vents Magazine, RJ Frometa shares a list of common DevSecOps myths that you must know.

DevSecOps Myths to Dispel

Adopting DevSecOps Means ‘Giving Up Control’

Many business leaders believe that security and operation engineers can effectively regulate technology requirements, access, and permission with manual processes by implementing DevSecOps, they will lose control over the processes. However, in reality, automation with DevSecOps means engineers gain more consistency in terms of compliance. Additionally, the engineers can also enforce the required access controls more effectively than with manual processes.

DevSecOps Can Be Bought and Implemented

You can never purchase DevSecOps. It is the culture that enables it. “The essential aspect that can impact your company is not a product that you can purchase. It is the collaboration of your various teams,” explains Frometa. Tools can help enable the process; it is the teams that make it happen. Therefore, people are the most critical aspect of any transformation. Additionally, DevSecOps’ implementation will be successful only when there is an educational approach.

DevSecOps Can Replace Agile

Agile and DevSecOps coexist. Industry experts believe that the adoption of DevSecOps is impossible without Agile. Agile provides the fundamentals to embrace collaboration and iteratively improve the software development process, while DevSecOps offers the methodologies necessary to make Agile meaningful.

DevSecOps Requires Big Investment in ‘Super Developers’

Many IT leaders fear the price tag involved in acquiring the full stack of DevSecOps skills. However, organizations can effectively train their current staff. Ensuring that developers are ready to make the shift towards DevSecOps is beneficial. Practical training on DevSecOps methodologies and processes allows developers to better accustom to the security checks while writing codes.

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