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Can Developers Boost Their Productivity?

Being productive at the workplace is what many professionals struggle with at some point in their careers. As a developer, you may spend a lot of time fixing the bug, writing code, or trying new programs. Many coders believe that moving away from the computer means they are not working hard enough. However, continuously staring at the screen will lead to burnout. How can developers be productive?  In this article at DZone, Nick Hodges shares some tips for developers to improve their productivity and create more value for customers and stakeholders.

Ways to Increase Developers’ Productivity

Optimize Your IDEs

Many integrated development environments (IDEs) come with features such as real-time code analysis and autocompletion. Use these features to organize and produce high-quality codes faster and learn from your mistakes in real-time. Spend time to learn how to use IDE effectively through online sources such as blogs and videos. Additionally, choose a powerful code editor with solid functionality. This will enable you to automate mundane things like refactoring, autocompletion, indentation, and other repetitive tasks.

Use Scrum

Scrum is an agile development framework that focuses on making the most out of complex coding projects. With innovation as the priority, the framework is an excellent path to take for improved productivity. If you are a leader, implement Scrum in your projects. If you are not a team leader, discuss the benefits of Scrum implementation with senior leaders and get the framework implemented.

Work on the Command-Line

Using a command-line is a sign of efficient developers. Being an efficient developer, you must know its benefits. One of the significant benefits of using the command-line is that it helps you create aliases and custom functions for commands you find hard to remember. It also shortens long commands and thus, improves your productivity tremendously.

In programming, productivity comes with practice and time. With proper planning, practice, and execution, you will undoubtedly be a productive developer. To read the original article, click on

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