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Choose the Right Reasons for Agile Success

Are you not getting agile success despite diligently following the methodology? First, you must understand that the methodology is not your goal but is a means to achieve project success for your organization. In this article at Mountain Goat Software, Julie Chickering shares how you must choose the right reasons for agile success.

Tips to Agile Success

The methodology is not a machine that will start showing results as soon as you turn on the switch. If you want agile success, you must not implement it because the industry leaders are doing it. You should have a credible answer to why you want to adopt agile. Five Why’s is also a good method to find your purpose. Along with the goal, you also need to set some principles. Here are the right reasons for agile success:

Implement It Right

You know now what you must do for agile success. For instance, your goal is to achieve collaboration through agile. To implement it, you can insist that all members must be at the same place. Or, you can encourage them to coordinate more from distributed locations.

Choose Goal Over Rules

Scrum has a defined framework, but you have the liberty to follow only those that support your team’s efforts and accelerate agile success. Instead of imposing the rules on your teams, use the Scrum principles to align them to the goal. Your priority should always be to reach your milestones.

Have a Trial Run

Before you officially implement agile methodologies, have a test run. Determine what you cannot sacrifice for agile success. For instance, you do not want to demoralize your teams when they first adopt the approach.

Involve the Entire Team

For agile success, team efforts are more important than individual performance. So, cross-pollinate skills so that your team does not have to depend on one person for a project component. As a result, your velocity might slow down during the training phase, but your team will produce more deliverables in the long term.

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