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Create an Effective Product Goal for Scrum Teams

The newly updated Scrum Guide has created a unique setup for Scrum teams—the product goal. The framework states, “the product goal describes a future state of the product … [It] is the long-term objective for the Scrum team.” In his blog article, Roman Pichler how your Scrum teams can go about this newly defined term and activity.

Deciphering Your Product Goal

You will find your team’s product goal in the product backlog items. The rest of the items will help you reach that objective. The product owner should be accountable for creating and communicating the goal to your team. No matter how many product goals you want to prioritize, your Scrum team should concentrate on just one until they make a successful delivery.

How to Go About It

To ease things, you can also demonstrate your product goal as a product vision or value proposition. There is no defined or hard-bound rule that you must follow to get an oriented result. The aim is to make the team more aligned with your corporate objectives.

A relevant definition would be “a specific and measurable benefit or outcome a product should create in the course of the next two to six months.”

Your product goals must be aligned with the product strategy, users, and organizational goals. This way, you can achieve all simultaneously. To make a good start, gather some users, improve your conversion rate, produce a revenue stream, and lessen the technical debt of your team. This activity will help your team members and other stakeholders to direct their interests accordingly. Your team will soon be working on a goal that would improve organizational growth and bring tangible benefits.

Once you have set the product goals, you can identify the sprint goals as well.

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