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Is the Synergy Between DevOps and Kubernetes Useful?

The growing buzz surrounding the DevOps and Kubernetes connection explains the importance of agile methodology in modern businesses. DevOps is a software development strategy, while Kubernetes is an open-source platform that facilitates specific deployment. In this article at Container Journal, Gilad David Mayaan defines the integration of Kubernetes into the enterprise DevOps pipeline.

Workflows Overlap

Though DevOps has been part of the IT industry for years, organizations are beginning to realize its benefits now. Before its popularity, development and operations teams were functioning independently. The disparities between the two created conflicts and project bottlenecks that were counterproductive for clients.

Some companies initiated cultural change to avoid project failures that enabled workflow overlaps. However, cultural differences could not fix technical glitches. DevOps teams used pipelines that enabled developers to effortlessly propose, review, and revive the software development codebase to address them.

It encouraged both DevOps and Kubernetes teams to eliminate interdependences. Pipelines made the entire software development life cycle (SDLC) clear, due to which identifying and addressing emerging issues at an early stage became easy.

Improved Agility

Pipeline visibility also proves helpful for organizations to produce agile solutions. The advanced capabilities of Kubernetes made the whole process of project development, deployment, and scaling more automated. As a result, employee productivity and project quality improved.

Future Outcomes

Kubernetes empowers you to develop the production infrastructure. It made all essential elements of the software applications accessible to the control panel and database. The technique allows you to control the entire coding ecosystem rather than following a script to deploy a source repository.

The codebase is easy to operate with a version control system. It allows Kubernetes to automatically handle necessary changes. Like other agile tactics, DevOps aims to enhance SDLC to release the software early. The DevOps pipelines are reliant on Kubernetes automation to achieve the production goal. Together, DevOps and Kubernetes may not make a perfect match, but it certainly is a powerful alliance between two techniques if you accurately align them. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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