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Lean on Kanban to Help Your Team Incorporate Scrum

The growing usage of Agile methodology in early organizations has enabled development teams to experiment with its diverse variants. Sticking to one procedure is no longer practical. So, companies are open to innovative hybrid solutions. In this article at Agile Alliance, Donald “Mark” Haynes explains the problematic outcomes of blended agile techniques. The absence of specific agile principles to guide your actions may not lead to desired results.

Wave of Change

The hybrid approach violates the exclusive principles of Scrum, Lean, and Kanban practices. Instead of relying heavily on a convenient hybrid solution, choose one methodology and incorporate the other two features into it.

Know the Implications

If you follow Scrum methodology and infuse the key components of Kanban and Lean, it is possible that you may end up experiencing these problems:

  • Complicated user stories would overflow the Kanban board.
  • Sprint lengths have to be frequently changed due to the release date changes.
  • Sprint length will fluctuate due to changes in the release date.
  • Developers may end up working on multiple user stories simultaneously.

Nonetheless, if you observe the Kanban methodology, you may accomplish desired outcomes. Lean methodology has limited advantages, so combining it with the other two can help readjust results. It eases complications and brings reliance and practical usage of the available resources.

Aid of Scrumban

You can start with Scrum and gradually shift towards Lean Kanban to create Scrumban. It enables teams to adapt to stakeholders’ production needs without feeling overwhelmed. Scrumban involves the flexibility and visualization of Kanban combined with the outline of Scrum. This makes it an extremely versatile technique for workflow management.

Nonetheless, the impact of an ongoing workflow on an advanced setup may force you to choose one over the other approach. So, the author does not recommend forming a hybrid solution. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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