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Manage Multiple Scrum Teams Without Missing a Beat

Juggling multiple jobs is hard, and it becomes more challenging when you have to maintain several teams. However, teams have different dynamics, aspirations, and flow, so handling multiple scrum teams is an achievement. In this article at Agile Alliance, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock shares how you can manage multiple scrum teams without missing a beat.

How to Manage Multiple Scrum Teams

You might be wondering how some people actually are able to manage multiple scrum teams. Well, it is time to work smart and prioritize better. Once you start refocusing your energy that aligns with your team, you would have to make less effort. Here are ways to handle multiple scrum teams with elan:

Team Morale Over Rules

Are you a stickler of rules? Do you like to follow policies to a T? When you must manage multiple scrum teams, you cannot choose processes over people. Remember, the rules are to help the teams achieve goals, not the other way round. Keep a buffer where people can approach you and enable decision-making and ownership so that they do not have to heavily depend on you. Micromanagement will not help you in the long run if you want to manage multiple scrum teams.

Apply or Bend to Fit the Team

What worked for one team will not work for another. So, customize the rules to enable better team bonding and performance. Analyze where teams need support and modify the best practices based on that. Your aim should be to make better retrospectives, create smoother workflows, and enable the team to pivot per consumer needs. Make your team more agile by making the rules fit their needs rather than yours. Delegate work wherever possible so that teams start relying on their collective efforts more.

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