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Surpass the Mindset Barrier to Achieve True Agility

Are you performing agile activities to transform your organization? The agile transformation is impossible without adopting an agile mindset. The methodology has earned due recognition in the IT industry, but conventional thinking is a roadblock to its success. Companies aiming to make swift, iterative transformations must accurately imbibe it. In this article at, Jayne Groll explains that agile mentality is the initial step to transformation. Just by operating flexibly, you cannot become an agile enterprise.

Cultural Revolution

The agile principles of scrum and lean frameworks have conceived a unique strategy for software development. Though developers have advanced from waterfall methodology to agile, the rest of the departments must also develop the culture. To do so, the entire organization must adopt agile thinking. Follow these practices to overcome the emerging obstacles stemming from conventional beliefs:

Agile Thinking

Use generic terms to define the significance of agile transformation for your employees. Ensure that all your staff members practice the terminologies to share work requirements. Agile methodology promotes flexibility, collaboration, and making complex practices easy. It is possible only if you encourage an agile mindset across the corporate hierarchy.

Independent Decision

Self-organized teams earn a certain degree of liberty to make independent decisions. It is a risky affair that the organization must learn to embrace. Consider each failed step as an opportunity to refine the work and encourage teams to make multiple attempts to achieve success. Criticism should not be a part of the self-regulating work culture.

Swift Progress

Agility means there is an adaptable process in place that ensures stability, flow, and speed to deliver effective results. Once you move away from the complex corporate hierarchy, leveraging swift processes to speed things up becomes easy.


Agile operations are impossible to progress without human minds and effort. However, automation is the key to accelerate consistent progress. Use it to save time and effort for teams while maintaining product quality.

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