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Why Are Dedicated Scrum Masters Crucial?

Today, more and more organizations are implementing Agile methodologies for project execution. Often, companies define teams and assign Scrum Masters to execute projects and become self-organized. Although Agile looks easy, implementing the Scrum Master role is problematic. In this article at Business 2 Community, Anthony Mersino explains if an organization needs a full-time Scrum Master and explores the alternative of having technical people assuming the Scrum Master role.

Scrum Master Role: Hard to Implement

Senior management that does not deeply understand Agile often considers Scrum Master as a ‘manager’ or a team leader. Senior managers prefer to communicate and connect directly with the Scrum Masters rather than the entire team. Additionally, they are held accountable and responsible for the team results. With these different expectations on the Scrum Master role, it is hard for them to build trust and open culture where people collaborate and learn. Scrum Masters’ role is to guide the teams to follow the Agile process and the teams’ impediments.

What is the Alternative Solution?

Many industry experts believe that team members must take the Scrum Master role alongside their regular technical activities. Experts even suggest that team members can even rotate the Scrum Master role for consecutive sprints.

Do You Really Need Scrum Masters?

Getting work done involves more effort than just doing the work itself. Scrum Masters communicate and come to an agreement with customers on what to deliver. They check the project progress and coordinate with the team’s stakeholders. In other words, with Scrum masters, Agile teams would be more productive, and product quality would be higher. Scrum Masters are similar to coaches in the professional sports team “who are not on the field with the players yet make a significant contribution to teams’ win,” explains Mersino.

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