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DevSecOps: How to Effectively Train Your Team

IT infrastructure has enormously evolved in the last decade. However, there has not been an equivalent advancement in terms of security and compliance monitoring tools. The result is that most tools cannot test the codes as fast as a typical DevOps environment demands. Implementing DevSecOps helps in managing these potentially devastating challenges. In this article at TechBeacon, Rob Lemos explains how software teams can fast-track DevSecOps training.

Developing Training Methodology

Be Goal-Oriented

Organizations must ensure to create training programs that gamify the learning experience for developers. For example, allow programmers to earn badges and other rewards after successful completion of each module. In addition, topics can vary based on developers’ experience. Provide technical training to junior developers to help them improve their skills. Further, educate them with multiple programming languages and development practices such as design patterns, security, and agile methodology. Focus on specialized topics like artificial intelligence, security, and graphics while conducting training programs for advanced developers.

Assign Point-of-Contact

Assign a mentor or point-of-contact for every developer. The mentor must answer questions about the process, the pipeline, the development environment, and any other additional information. Furthermore, mentors can also teach the developers the core communication and teamwork skills that many solo developers typically lack.

Utilize Professional Certifications

Cybersecurity is one of those skills that requires developers to undergo a more professional training program. Therefore, organizations must enable developers to experience custom training programs. These programs must allow them to gain real-world implementation proficiency of the DevSecOps concept. In addition, ensure that professional training programs give participants task-based knowledge rather than mere theory.

Having your workforce become certified in DevSecOps undoubtedly offers numerous advantages to your organization. It can remove traditional security controls’ bottlenecks and replace them with a streamlined and continuous process that keeps development, operations, and security work on schedule. To read the original article, click on

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