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Minimum Viable Agile Ecosystem: Key to Innovation

Top enterprises have created a unified ecosystem to nurture innovation. However, their success is possible due to many factors, including frequent evaluation, clear vision, and a systematic approach to operate in key regions. In this article at Entrepreneur, Andrés Guzmán Velgis defines the significance of existing and possible public innovation ecosystem.

Need for an Agile Ecosystem

An innovation ecosystem promotes economic development by initiating revolutionary projects to lead entrepreneurs, investors, and stakeholders. To develop a minimum viable ecosystem (MVE), organizations must initiate a strategic approach to offer minimum viable products and services. MVE can ensure whether the products are fit for the existing environment or not. Agility is the key to designing, executing, and developing products that suit the innovation ecosystem and bring iterative progress.


To form an innovative ecosystem, form a team with top talents, chasing a common goal. All the members must work in close coordination to achieve success as a team. In the innovation ecosystem, teams pursue objectives that translate into digital invention.

Your teams must understand the ecosystem and its objectives to standardize the growth in diverse sectors they are dealing with. Then, follow the steps to form a minimum viable agile ecosystem:

  • Start understanding the local ecosystem first to work well in a visually complex ecosystem.
  • Identify the region’s primary roadblocks and competitive advantages to exercise and formulate theories of the coexisting ecosystem.
  • Determine the fundamental values and intentions of the ecosystem, guided by results. Avert objectives that do not offer real economic growth to your innovation ecosystem.
  • Discover and align your value proposition validating the minimum viable product.

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