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Revamp Agile Transformation Strategy to Beat Rivals

Agile transformation has become a global solution in the economic crisis. Nonetheless, some organizations fail to outline their agile transformation roadmaps. In this article at McKinsey, Wouter Aghina and his fellow authors describe the impact of agility and how it can empower your organization to stand out from the crowd.

Improved Agility

Unify teams to generate valuable outcomes instead of only delivering operational tasks by redefining the whole enterprise as a web of high-performers. Agility at a large scale is more about a network within the organization than hiring more agile practitioners. Extremely successful agile transformation produces about 30 percent revenue by achieving customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

Path to Success

Organizations can achieve success in agile transformation by following these steps:

  • Top teams must have profound knowledge of agile transformation. However, it is possible in many practical ways, like visiting other organizations, interacting with peers, and discussing quarterly business reviews.
  • Senior leaders must imbibe an agile mindset and participate in transformational initiatives. Unfortunately, an unstructured approach lacks vision and clarity of direction, so leaders fail to achieve scalability.
  • Keep up the pace of transformation by using front-runners to overcome roadblocks. Agile transformation is a domain that generates a few bold pioneers that can explore or develop a route to success for others.

Agile transformation has become a practical reality of the corporate world. From an unproven practice to a proven strategy, agile gives a competitive edge to companies aiming to achieve success. Enterprises must formulate a way to infuse relevant and compelling ideas into an ongoing function. Learn to strike a balance between flexibility and reliability to render an agile ecosystem.

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