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Scrum Values: Why are They Critical for Hybrid Teams?

As a leader, you want to create a hybrid work environment that is collaborative, efficient, and empowers team members to do their best. In this continuously evolving business world, there are plenty of ways to accomplish this goal. However, there is one framework conducive to a hybrid work environment—Scrum. The Scrum framework enables better collaboration and offers flexibility to function in a better way. In this article at CMS Wire, Eric Naiburg explains how Scrum values help teams to work better together in a hybrid environment.

Tips to Support Hybrid Work Environment

Create Trust

“Having team members abide by and hold each other accountable for Scrum values can create an environment where everyone is on the same page and work together toward a common goal,” says Naiburg. Encouraging teams to develop the collaboration guidelines can create an extra level of accountability. This further empowers the team as a whole and each team member to be self-managing. Additionally, leaders must demonstrate trust by encouraging the hybrid models without shaming those not in the office.

Embrace Scrum Values

Scrum-based projects will fail if team members adhere only to the process. The key to successful project execution is the quality of the team and the way each person thinks and acts. The Scrum values include:

  • Courage: Each team member must have the courage to embrace changes. In addition, team members must speak up when they feel an idea or process is not right and can be improved.
  • Focus: Scrum encourages workers to focus on what is crucial right now and not on what may or may not become important in the future.
  • Respect: Respect is essential to foster a collaborative and self-organizing environment that Scrum teams work in. For instance, Scrum masters can respect stakeholders by asking for their feedback and implementing the inputs.
  • Openness: Scrum promotes the team to be open about their work to create transparency (inside and outside).

Moving to a hybrid work environment will increase an organization’s project success and positively impact the customers. Management of hybrid teams through Scrum values will lead to process visibility, high-performing teams, and better-defined goals with a high degree of employee ownership. To read the original article, click on

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