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Collaborate to Avert the Product Decision Roadblocks

Companies should produce unique products by leveraging the knowledge of skilled developers and experienced stakeholders. The synergy between the two is powerful to generate substantial buy-ins. However, bringing them together is a great challenge. In this blog article by Roman Pichler, learn to avert product roadblocks by involving stakeholders and developers.


A mutual understanding between stakeholders and development teams can help them take calculated risks. Thus, making complicated business decisions becomes easy. The two primary reasons for it are:

  • Both understand technical vulnerabilities and product impact.
  • Both are strong enough to support each other and deliver desired results.

Take the Plunge

Involving the stakeholders in critical product decisions is a sign of trust. Give importance to their input, and in return, they will support your future endeavors too. Nonetheless, the involvement of stakeholders and developers in product decisions can simplify the roadmap. It also affects the product backlog and sprint goals. To avoid that, follow these steps to draw a commonly agreed-upon agile product draft:

  • Involve limited people in the decision-making process to avoid confusion. Invite only relevant developers to collaborate with the stakeholders on virtual meetings. A close-knit group can understand each other’s perspectives better.
  • Seek the guidance of a skilled facilitator to lead the discussion. Scrum masters are fit for the role because they are aware of the ground rules. They can help in embracing a collaborative mindset and open communication without the dominance of one person.
  • Stakeholders often try to control the proceedings by imposing their ideas. Their attitude ruins the creativity of developers and the evolution of an exclusive product. To embrace collaboration, learn to value other’s opinion. Consider the vision and perspective of each other. No matter how experienced you are, always be receptive and curious to welcome innovation.

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