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Enterprise Agility: Initiate Holistic Transformation

Many companies have adopted the agile methodology, but only a select few have accomplished it. Why? It requires focus and discipline to achieve enterprise agility. Not just one or two departments but the entire workforce must embrace it. In this article at McKinsey, Wouter Aghina and his fellow authors share how agility can ignite stability, role clarity, imagination, and discipline. To accelerate agile transformation, companies must improve customer experience, employee engagement, and operational performance.

Ability to Adopt

Employ ‘agile impact engine’ to improve financial stability. People, priority, and value-creating opportunities are all possible with enterprise agility. Successful implementation of agility can bring profitable returns.

Maintain Balance

Agile organizations foster stability and effectiveness to their standard operating procedures. The approach also encourages teamwork and consistency. However, to acquire complete agility, companies must apply a working model that brings:

  • Unified growth
  • Improved performance
  • Quick decision
  • Frequent results
  • People management
  • Reduced human errors

These five dimensions can offer a path to progress by assessing the depth of enterprise agility.

Evaluate Progress

Organizations must change their conventional ways of working to survive and thrive in the digital era. Be the change agent and set an example by accelerating the speed of agile execution. Adapt to customer needs by increasing productivity and retaining top industry talent. Only an agile organization can deliver desired payback to its shareholders.

Many organizations across the globe are undertaking agile transformations. Integrating an agile mindset allows your workforce to reimagine and take up the risk of bringing something new to the table. Initiate agile changes to inspire, design, and navigate improved working conditions. Outline a roadmap for agile implementation and demonstrate the value of tangible outcomes. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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