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How Can Executives Sustain an Agile Transformation?

What is the purpose of an agile transformation? Why have you approved its execution in the first place? What kind of problems are you aiming to resolve with it? If you ask these questions to your executives, perhaps you will come across the same concerns—‘time to market’ and ‘efficiency.’ These two product development approaches ensure that you do not lag behind the emerging competition. In this blog article by Jeff Gothelf, learn to get executive buy-ins for a successful agile transformation.

Specified Success Criteria

Often teams lack administrative support for a transformation. They are ready to take up the challenge of changing work patterns, but the stakeholders and executives follow a conventional mindset. The instructions vary, but the hierarchy remains the same.

Develop feasible business goals to achieve objectives and key results (OKRs). Executives must have the vision to guide their teams and help them achieve progress. They must find a way to evaluate the transformation and monitor the gaps to stay on track.

Changing Mindsets

For effective agile implementation, the executives must determine its criteria. Make sure each individual in the team is capable of taking the lead if required. They must reduce time to market to achieve profitable returns.

To achieve an improved agile transformation, teams must maintain clear communication with their leaders. Agile success lies in the adoption and execution of the mindset. Inconsistency leads to failure, and executives are responsible for it. Become the key participant to promote transition. Guide your team to move in the right direction.

Business outcomes derive from the strategic execution of great ideas, which is possible with executive buy-ins. The team’s independence and transparency play a crucial role in fostering changes. Click on the following link to read the original article:

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