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Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe): Learn Benefits and Issues

Scaled agile framework (SAFe) is one of the agile methodologies that organizations have adopted for its benefits. However, you must also know about the challenges of the approach for better decision-making. In this article at the Agile Times, find out the services you will gather and issues you might face while using the scaled agile framework (SAFe) for your organization.

Learning About SAFe

Agile is synonymous with scaling the development life cycle speed, and SAFe is the most popular agile framework. But have you considered the intensity and rate of the progress? You also must factor in the budget you need for adopting an agile approach. Before you think of SAFe implementation, go through the list of benefits and challenges of the framework:

What Are the Benefits?

  • You must have a team with personnel certified in the SAFe method. The teammates should have undergone an Essential, Large Solution, Portfolio, or Full course per your requirements. That will help the team to have the latest knowledge in the framework.
  • You will have a dedicated forum to ask questions and get support regarding resources and in-depth analysis. You can also access their repository or community through a dedicated app from your mobile, tablet, and so on.
  • SAFe is integrated with many collaboration and project management tools for your easy reference. So, you do not need to customize your in-house tool for the agile framework.
  • More than ten certifications are available, ranging from the basic level (Scaled Agilist) to a highly trained program (SAFe Program Consultant).

Did You Consider These Challenges?

  • Without the latest update, you will lag in a team that follows the SAFe methodology. You will also have to pay for the exams if you miss the free passes.
  • Like any other certification, you will need to renew yours every year with a fee. If your whole team is certified, you must remember to set aside a budget for your teammates’ certification renewal.
  • You should either be in a team or be with a SAFe company to manage the annual certification maintenance costs.

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