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Are Committed Designers Essential to a Scrum Team?

Scrum teams must have a dedicated group of software engineers. Some of the scrum teams have committed product managers and product owners to smoothen the team’s function. However, scrum teams do not have a devoted designer. They are usually made to cover the work of two groups simultaneously or used as an internal bureau to help with the random assignments for all scrum teams. In his article, Jeff Gothelf shares why it is essential to have a committed designer on your scrum team.

Multitasking Comes With a Cost

People might believe that it is cost-effective to employ one designer for several scrum teams, which is a sheer fallacy. As per Jeff Gothelf, there is a 23 minute loss of productivity each time a designer switches focus between two projects for two different teams.   

It Takes a Toll on Team Dependency

There are unavoidable dependencies and pressures on designers, which affect the work adversely. Teams have to wait to get their work done from the designer’s end, who is preoccupied with similar jobs from different groups.

Leads to Unnecessary Prioritization

Designers are subjected to unwanted prioritization of different teams’ assignments, leading to unhealthy work relations. Every team has its priorities. Combining them with other teams’ priorities from the designer’s perspective can make the situation needlessly confusing and obstructive.

A designer has to deal with graphic editing, copywriting, content strategy, and user experience. The job demands detailed research, clarity of thoughts, and sharing of ideas between the designer and the team. Such attributes are difficult to handle by a single designer working for several groups at the same time. It not only reduces efficiency but also brings down the quality of work. Most importantly, it adversely affects the mental wellbeing of the designer who is compelled to produce work that prefers quantity over quality.

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Why your scrum team needs a dedicated designer | Jeff Gothelf

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