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DevOps Adoption: Organizational Issues Are Significant Barriers

As DevOps becomes mainstream, many teams have some common questions—”Where do we start with DevOps adoption?” “What challenges are we likely to face along the way?” “How should we resolve those challenges?” If you have similar questions, then remember, the significant barriers to adopting DevOps practices are more closely associated with organizational issues than with technology. In this article at, Mike Vizard shares mabl’s survey insights.

What Does the Survey Say?

The survey of 600 IT professionals by mabl reveals that the top two barriers to DevOps adoption are slow processes and adaptation speed (29%). Additionally, these obstacles are followed by budgeting and funding (21%). Only 18% pointed to technology limitation as an issue. Furthermore, 11% of respondents revealed that their organizations have fully implemented DevOps practices.

What Are the Other Common Challenges?

Contrasting Goals

Often, developers and security teams chase contrasting goals. Developers aim at accomplishing software delivery as fast as possible. However, security teams focus on delivering secure applications over speed. Lack of collaboration and improper communication between the security and development teams lead to delayed deliveries and confusion.

Cultural Resistance

Development teams are under immense pressure from management to promptly deliver development updates. Therefore, during the development process, they view any interaction with security teams as a hindrance to achieving their targeted goals. Furthermore, many developers believe that integrating security in the program development process from the initial stages can delay deliveries. These differences can be a barrier to the collaborative relationship between DevOps and security teams.

Low Adoption

“The survey makes it clear how resistant to change organizations are. Some organizations have been building software the same way for decades,” says Vizard. Despite all the hype surrounding DevOps, the rate at which organizations adopt the methodology is low. Although many organizations confirmed that they would like to adopt DevOps, only a few enterprises have reported success in implementing DevOps practices.

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