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Focus on 5 Factors to Be an Agile Organization

Every company is adopting agile methodologies to become an agile organization. Do you want to follow suit? What is the purpose of your wanting to become an agile organization? There are factors you must consider while transforming your company to agile for long-term growth. In this article at, Khoa Doan Tien shares five elements to focus on to be an agile organization.

Road to an Agile Organization

Agile Values

Do not adopt the framework unless it is for your own growth. Find out if it would really benefit your company rather than blindly following the trend. When you are clear with what you will gain from an agile transformation, you are ready to move to the next step.

Preparation Necessity

Whether you want to make a pilot program before implementing it in the entire organization is your call. Either way, it will be effective only when you plan it well. Embracing new ideas is complicated, so take time to review all the potential roadblocks. Find out what you must do to become an agile organization.

Hiring Right

Are the employees ready to adapt to the agile framework? Would they be able to influence others to embrace the agile principles? Instead of thrusting the framework upon employees, conduct training so that teams understand exactly what is expected of them once your company becomes an agile organization.

Collaboration Channels

Agile cannot be an isolated process. Training alone cannot encourage people to embrace an agile mindset. You must have a continuous loop of follow-ups and feedback to help the idea get off the ground. Convince middle managers to be the bridge between the higher-ups and their teams during implementation. Let the communication be across hierarchies.

Balance in Business

You cannot halt your business to become an agile organization. The purpose of the transformation is then lost. Ensure that your company does not suffer while you are making internal changes. Your customers must get their due attention along with employees.

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