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How Do You Become an Efficient Product Head?

Have you recently got the responsibilities of a product head? It is common to feel the jitters and doubt if you are fit for the role. You will come across several hurdles, but you will inspire the team if you can handle the roadblocks well. So, pay more attention to what your people need to reach the target rather than if they are meeting the daily KRA. In his blog article, Roman Pichler shares how you can become an efficient product head.

Tips for a Product Head

More People-Centric

Create a safe environment for people to experiment and share concerns or feedback. Though you will not be regularly interacting with clients or team members now, your open-door policy will help you make realistic expectations for the team.

Leadership Capabilities

Things like understanding, honesty, and self-awareness are important for any leader. As a product head, you must be compassionate as well as challenging to encourage the team to achieve quality results. You should enable better decisions and remove friction to increase team bonding.

Core Expectations

What job description do you have as a product head? Your foremost task is to create a vision for the product and the ethics around developing it. A well-built strategy and roadmap with effective metrics and buyer persona can help you build a business model that can efficiently predict revenue. You must also constantly refine the product backlog and approve solution tests.

Handling Multi-Product Models

You will be managing multiple products as a product head. Gather knowledge on the various products and their target industries. Be ready to shoulder more responsibilities if necessary for the betterment of the products.

Industry Know-How and Career

Learn about the demands of your industry customers. Is there any potential rival in the market? Is there any revenue-streaming business model you can utilize for the company’s growth? Find out the current industry trends so that you can provide value to your company. These also boost your career growth.

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