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Why Do Most Scrum Masters Feel Isolated?

Scrum masters have several responsibilities, per the Scrum Guide. From mentoring team members to being more self-reliant and accountable to help the company in agile implementation. Scrum masters take up all these roles despite not being the real leader of the agile team. In this article at DZone, Stefan Wolpers shares why scrum masters feel isolated.

Journal of Scrum Masters

Your agile team can succeed in producing deliverables if scrum masters follow the below principles:

Guide to Success

  • Scrum masters must understand when to apply the methodology. If projects fall between ‘Chaos’ and ‘Simple’ in the Stacey Matrix, you are misusing your resources. Scrum works best for projects categorized as complex.
  • Your team is aiming to deliver a product of high quality and with minimal to no technical error. It means that scrum masters are successful in making the team follow through with the definition of done.
  • The product owner and development team work tirelessly to maintain the product backlog as a live document. They review and update it in unison after every sprint, retrospective, or new update.
  • Scrum masters can help team members embrace accountability and be independent in their work. They serve as servant leaders that do not micromanage and encourage the team to make decisions without frequent high-level intervention.

Failure Reasons

There are several explanations behind scrum masters wanting to leave the team and migrating to another. Find out which of the following reasons applies:

  • The C-suite is disengaged and does not extend its expected support.
  • People believe that Agile is just another fad that caught the imagination of management and would soon die out.
  • Organizational processes do not support visibility or agility.
  • Management does not like failures, so nobody takes risks.
  • Scrum is used incorrectly, and the team does not want to make independent decisions.
  • Team members’ interests are different from the team’s goals.

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